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Welcome to NYDB Sri Lanka

Young people are the prime segment of any society and the driving force in the process of nation building and development. They are not only the owners of tomorrow but the partners of today. Socially responsible, ethically conscious Youth are an integral aspect of ensuring prosperity, peace and harmony in a country.

The National Youth Development Bureau (NYDB) was established with the aim of developing and enhancing the capacities and skills of youth through proper guidance whilst empowering them in the aspects of education, employment, health and wellbeing, political and civic participation, sports, arts and culture.

Sri Lanka possess 4. 46 million young people between the ages of 15 -29 years, claiming 23.2% of the population. NYDB stands fully committed to uplift living standards and skills of young people, partnering with the government, non-government and inter-governmental organizations in creating an environment which fulfills the dreams and desires of our Youth.


To bring about innovative youth developmental opportunities to meet the changing needs of the youth.

Conducting career guidance, vocational and educational programs to enhance inherited skills and capacities of the youth.

To provide necessary guidance, information and accesses to the job market, thereby to reduce unemployment and underemployment of the country.

Widening entrepreneurship opportunities among the youth by aiding to micro finance, small and medium scale businesses whilst making a platform for them to enter the international trade..

Conducting social awareness campaigns in the areas of drugs, health, gender equality and other pressing youth matters and to organize special programs focusing vulnerable youth groups.


“A generation of responsible youth empowered and imbued with skills, knowledge and capacities to thrive in a globalized world and thereby contribute substantially to the predominant development of the nation.”


“To inspire young people for a positive contribution towards communities and the country by enhancing their skills, knowledge and confidence in advancing their rights and views to sustain ”


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