We know the struggle it takes to find the correct job catering to your qualifications, skills and experience, the challenge to find a successful educational pathway to obtain academic achievements in higher education. Out of all the students sitting for the Advance Level Examinations approximately only 20% get selected for the state Universities, the rest 80% has to find other means, plus the unemployment rate runs at 4.2% in Sri Lanka.

NYDB works with institutional leaders and practitioners, policy makers, funders and stakeholder groups to promote diversity, and lobby for the widest broadest possible access to careers & higher education, thus vow to be your online mediator in finding the most suitable and useful path which will be ideal to your needs and fulfill your dreams.

We help thousands of Youth, Employers and Institutes to find the right fit with quick access.

Access: For your new beginning log onto www. Jobhunt.lk, www.Educationhub.lk